Waldo's Gear

This is my basic summer gear list. As you'll notice, I travel light. If you're interested, I have a recommended gear list. It goes into more detail about the gear that I carry, as well as recommends some other good stuff to bring in different weather or for different folks.

Main Stuff
Arc'Teryx Khamsin 4 lbs, 2 oz
Leki Hiking Staffs (Pair) 24 oz
Kelty Nomad 55° Sleeping Bag 2 lb
Therm-A-Rest Lightweight Extra Long 1 lb, 11 oz
32 oz Nalgene Bottle 6 oz
24 oz Flip-Top Nalgene Bottle 4.25 oz
Platypus 24 oz Collapsable Water Bottle 1 oz
1 Quart Cooking Pot 12 oz
Simple Pocketknife 1.5 oz
Petzl Headlamp 9.5 oz with 3 AAs
Tarp 1 lb
Glasses 3 oz
Sunglasses w/ Case 2 oz

Tech Stuff
Apple Newton 130 1 lb, 5 oz with 4 AAs
Keyboard 11 oz
Motorola Montana 33.6K Cellular Modem 1 oz
Phone Cable .5 oz
Motorola Flip Phone w/ 6 AAs 11.5 oz

Asolo 535 Boots ~3 lbs, 8 oz
Colmbia Nylon Shorts 7 oz
Cotton Short-Sleeved Shirt 7 oz
Thorlo Hikers Socks 2.25 oz
Thorlo Hiking Socks 2.25 oz
Thorlo Trekking Socks 5 oz
Bandana 1.5 oz
Bandana 1.5 oz
Clothing Bag 1.75 oz
Hygene 'n' Stuff
Two Pairs of Contacts 1 oz
Toothbrush .5 oz
Toothpaste 1 oz
Comb .5 oz
Razor .5 oz
Chapstick .5 oz
Nail Clippers 1 oz
Earplugs .1 oz
Medical Kit 12 oz

Repair & Misc.
Black Thread .25 oz
10 ft. Thin Cord .5 oz
15 ft. 2 mm Climbing Accessory Cord 2.25 oz
Carabeaner 1 oz
Thermarest Repair Kit 1 oz
Twist Ties, Hair Bands, Safety Pins 1 oz
Matches in Waterproof Casing 1.25 oz
Good Luck Charms (Springer Rock, Four-Leaf Clover, Necklace, Etc.) 1 oz
Trash Bag 1.5 oz
Bleach w/ Dropper 3 oz
Polylectane Spoon .25 oz
Wingfoot's Trail Handbook 5 oz (w/o unnecessary pages)
Pen .25 oz
Pen .25 oz
Looseleaf Paper 1 oz

Total: 20 lbs

If you do the math it won't work. That's because I've subtracted the weight of some clothes, shoes and walking staffs, as they won't actually be in my pack. My wishlist: Bivy sack, small compression sack for tent, Skin Mat, silkweight capilene t-shirt, lighter tarp, Newton 2000, lighter cellphone.

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