Tuesday, April 30th

We woke up to a misty and cloudy morning, one with threatening clouds overhead. It had snowed during the night, but that quickly turned to slush and then rain. It was decided by unanimous grunt that neither Dave, nor Botany Boy, nor I would go anywhere unless it cleared up. It did so, and we left the shelter by noon, parting with Pondering Pilgrim and his pup.

Sunset at WesserWe ascended Copper Ridge Bald and headed down into Tellico Gap. I had envisioned the most amazing cell phone reception along the trail here (Tellico -- Telliphone company. It's a stretch, but a boy can dream), but I was thoroughly disappointed. I did, however, manage to get good enough reception a little later, up on Wesser Bald, to be able to call my office, Comet.Net. Dave and Botany Boy and I climbed to the top of the Wesser observation tower, lay down on our backs, and just watched the clouds. From there I talked to one of the employees, Bn. Bn told me about the Dave Matthews Band CD release party that I'd missed. Bn had played along with Rafael Wintersberger and Boyd Tinsley, the violinist for DMB, as an opening act. It was Bn's biggest audience ever, though I'm sure he'll play larger ones. I sure do wish I'd gone to that party.

When we started to feel a little too lazy, we climbed down to Wesser Bald shelter. The temperature dropped a bit when we got there, so we put on our fleece jackets and set about making dinner. Botany Boy and Dave had a fabulous garlic, cheese and tomato spaghetti dish, and I had something so pitiful in comparison that I didn't even notice what I ate. Squirrel and Drew pulled in soon after we arrived, so we cleared out to set up our tents.

Dave and I attempted to teach Botany Boy to hacky sack. Because he has some training in martial arts, he seems to have a natural knack for it. I'd like to see him doing neck-stalls and jesters before we get to Maine.

We went to sleep with the sun, all sleeping well with our bear bags swaying overhead.

Song Stuck in my Head Today: Beatles, "Strawberry Fields Forever"
Miles Today: 5.9

baby leaves

"Spring comes with flowers, autumn with the moon,
summer with breeze, winter with snow.
When idle concerns don't fill your thoughts,
that's your best season."

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