Thursday, May 23rd

I woke fairly late, around ten, at Wingfoot's. I'd planned to take the day off, just to chill out and just be. Wingfoot and I went out to get breakfast at the Smoky Mountain Diner. I'm getting to like the place. I spent much of the day working on my journal entries, trying to get up to date. I downloaded, once again, an insane amount of e-mail, and began to reply to it. This occupied the vast majority of my day, though I paused frequently to talk to visiting thru-hikers. I met a lot of hikers while at Wingfoot's, and they soon became a blur. Manfree left to continue hiking that afternoon. I kept working until dinner, where we went to the usual. (You know you've been in a town too long when you have a usual.) We rented Babe from Ramsey's, knowing we'd want a break at some point during that evening. I spent much of the evening teaching Wingfoot the basics of the web, netiquette, and graphic design. I'm sure that he knew more than he let on, but I rambled on anyhow. We began Babe late, like Edward Scissorhands the night before. When that was done we talked further, finally going to sleep just before 4 AM. I could hardly believe that I planned to leave the next day.

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